Hello all, we have some very bad news. Unfortunately we will not be able to continue with CashTream anymore. I can tell 100 reasons but I do not think its going to make any difference. But I guess it could be easily seen that we are not able to manage it that good as it should have, because I literally have no time. I will be posting more news soon, but I can only tell for now that we will try very hard to make sure no members loose anything. Still need to think thoroughly, but all the payments will be made and then can either transfer members credits to Cashnhits or something else or refunds etc. Will keep you all posted. Anyone who have bought anything very recently, just send us a Ticket etc and we will refund the purchases. (P.S. Disputes are not same as refunds. Disputes of course hurt our account standing so we will have to defend them.)

Also if someone is interested and willing to purchase Cashtream, please contact us (can use CashnHits.com support). Of course we will be screening for the buyer as we of course would need someone to take Cashtream to higher level and not the opposite..

Update: We should be able to make all the payments by end of October. I only get to do something during the weekends and will come up with more updates this weekend.

I am sorry again everyone, but the truth is except the Cashtream payout page, I have not seen ANY OTHER page for over 2 years now.